Concussion Information

At Upper Dublin Youth Football we take head injuries, and more importantly concussions very serious. Our coaches are required to complete the USA Football Heads-Up concussion training. This training is a partnership between the CDC and USA Football to teach coaches how to prevent and recognize head injuries/concussion. Secondly, we have partnered with the Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center to provide coaches, parents and athletes support and resources to recognize concussions. Lastly, if a child is removed from play or practice for a suspected head injury only the child’s pediatrician or mid-level practitioner can approve return to play.

What Is a Concussion?

A concussion is a brain injury caused by a force to the head or direct force to the face, neck or chest that is transmitted to the head resulting in disrupted brain function. Typical signs and symptoms include physical, cognitive, visual and emotional symptoms such as headaches, amnesia, irritability, slowed reaction times, trouble concentrating and reading, as well as sleep pattern changes.

Those who are not properly treated after sustaining a concussion are more susceptible to delays in recovery, second impact syndrome and/or post-concussion syndrome.

***Information obtained from our partners at Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center***

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